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It’s a lazy Sunday morning and I’ve been fiddling around for the biggest part of it.  Yesterday I received a new book in the mail, “I’d rather be in the studio”  by Alyson Stanfield.  This morning I began reading it and the first thing mentioned was to get a notebook to start your journal. I went to the file cabinet, opened the door and old Christmas cards, thank you cards, birthday and just because cards fell out of the file cabinet and all over the floor.  This led to a cleaning job I wasn’t counting on.  I sorted and threw away  papers and trash that should never have been in there in the first place then neatly filed and stacked the “keepers” back into the cabinet.  In the meantime as I was going through the cards on the floor, I found a pile of thank you notes from students, clients and friends.  Several people wrote how my artwork in their homes had made the quality of their life so much better. Others wrote how my work had given them such joy.  I sometimes forget how others feel about my work and what it means to them when I am dealing with the daily grind.  Anyway, one of the projects in this new book is to write an artist’s statement…what I and my work is all about.  I would emoticon an ugly face here to show you what I thought when I read that one, but going through these cards on the floor helped me figure out why I feel so compelled to do my art and the way in which I do it.  Putting aside the money equation, “Why do I do this?”  The big answer for me is I love to create beautiful things that make people feel their lives are better because of it.  I am not here to make a political or social statement like many others, which is their path in this life.  My artistic path is to leave behind beauty, grace and/or something to smile about. The world is already filled with ugliness and tragedy.  I want my work to give some relief from that.  The drawings I made as a child always had a smiling sun up in the corner shining down on whomever or whatever was below. Little did I know that little sun would come to represent my life.

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I am an artist, author, instructor, laser pattern designer and blogger living among the trees in Jefferson, Georgia!

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