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Guitar Table Art

Like I promised I would, Wednesday and Thursday I worked on my canvases.  I painted the skies and the grasses working from the same palette so that the color tones would be harmonious and I could be frugal and use up all the paint I had out.  It was tempting to scoot onto doing the birds, my favorite part of these projects, but I want to work more on the grasses to give the artwork more depth.  Meanwhile, as I waited for the layers of paint to dry, I stained one of Bob’s client projects and began to paint on Bob’s guitar table art.

My husband is so talented.  I love the things that he creates more than my own!  Bob cuts, carves, sculpts and creates beautiful things out of nothing.  He cut the table top  from tiger maple, fabricated the steel neck where he used to work, carved the wood portion of the neck from thick pine, made the base out of a piece of black walnut and attached the guitar head that was sent to him by my Cool-Stuff Sister, Sue. It turned out so awesome I had to sit with it for a few weeks before attempting to paint it.  But Bob gave me specific instructions on how he wanted it painted and so far I have the top and steel part of the neck done.  We are going to take a trip to Auto Zone to look at car striping and may make the fret bars out of that.  As for the strings, we have yet to tackle that one.  I used to do pin striping on old buggies and antiques, but strings would be a real challenge.

Bob has made some other really cool tables.  He made a Kudu table that one leg was a real Kudu horn.  You can see that at my website  He also made one-legged tables that actually stand up against a wall. One lady recently tracked us down eight years after we closed the gallery just to buy one of those tables.  He also makes really cool bugs from found materials.  You can see his big dragonfly using bamboo, sculpting compound and metal that he made for our son and daughter-in-law on my Facebook page at JaneCrick-JaneCrickGallery.

My hubbie is talented…oh yes he is!

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I am an artist, author, instructor, laser pattern designer and blogger living among the trees in Jefferson, Georgia!

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