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The Trials and Tribulations of Technology and Dragonfly Art

Here I am at day number 5 still working on the two Egret canvases.  Taking photos of the progress side by side really helps get a good visual of what’s going on.  I see changes in color and ground lines.  Yesterday the lure of an older canvas I had done some years back seduced me into spending more time on it than I did on my current projects including the guitar table.  But the trip to the past made me notice how my vision over the past 10 years has been fine tuned. Places that needed more shading, sharper lines and brighter highlights jumped out at me.  I also noticed that my painting comes off more loose and painterly.  I like that.

So today was a fresh new day.  I was ready for a great studio session. I had just begun to paint on the canvases when my hubbie started trying to upload WordPress to my website.  He needed my input and we ended up spending the whole morning in front of the computer.  What we accomplished was learning that we couldn’t do that until we upgrade to level 2 with our web host. We are now rethinking that plan. I think I mentioned before that I had gotten the book “I’d rather be in my studio!” by Alyson B. Stanfield….well, I definitely would rather be in my studio.  The technical side of technology is a struggle for me.  I can use the templates and all but actually getting them on the computer and set up is another thing.  Thank goodness I am tenacious enough to hang in there and not give up.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest and to lighten the mood, here is one of Bob’s cool bugs.  It has a six foot wingspan and has survived our Florida tropical storms totally intact.  Enjoy!

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I am an artist, author, instructor, laser pattern designer and blogger living among the trees in Jefferson, Georgia!

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