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The Art of a Good Marriage….

Today’s our special celebration of life, love and family!  Bob and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.  Forty years…it sounds like such a long time but it doesn’t feel nearly that long.  Guess that is a testament to a good time, huh?   We’ve laughed and cried, had beautiful children and been blessed with beautiful grandchildren…we’ve had adventures and disasters and managed to always come out with smiles on our faces and hearts full of love for each other.  Besides loving each other we are committed to each other.  That for us is the art of marriage.  Commitment has helped us grow through the hard times and made our hearts sing through the good times.

Today in my Inbox I received this beautiful e-mail from my husband.  I told him he should start blogging because it brought tears to my eyes.  He said it took him three hours to write it so he’d leave the blogging to me…LOL  So I am sharing his words with you now….

September 2,2012 marks 40 years of our commitment together. Through these years we have gone from thinking we found someone to hangout with, to party with, to spend quiet time with, to share our excitement with, to share our sorrows with, to share our thoughts on everything, to dream about tomorrow, to love.
 Now we know it is true, there could be no one better to hang with, the party has never ended even in the low times, we sit quietly thinking and realize every part of our life includes us both together, we get excited about the same things now, sorrows are few, we like all the same things and know what each other thinks or wants without saying, our dreams for tomorrow are now the same, our love for each other has grown every day and we have become one in life together.
So Jane, Lets hangout, party and continue this great adventure in life as one for another 40 years if we can !
Love,Bob :x lovestruck
PARTY ON, my husband….PARTY ON!!!

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I am an artist, author, instructor, laser pattern designer and blogger living among the trees in Jefferson, Georgia!

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  1. Bob and Jane, I have been away for a month and just returned last evening 8:00PM. Just logged on today and opened your E-mail. Happy belated Anniversary and I just happened to go into your Paintings in Paradise (How Beautiful) then I somehow got into your blog and found out it was your 40th Wedding Anniversary. That has to be your wedding picture; it is so precious I got tears in my eyes; you both look like 14 years young. You are both amazing and very blessed by the LORD. I love you guys. See you soon I hope . I admire and respect your love and devotion for each other. love, Arlene

  2. Deb (Adams) Luiz

    Happy 40th Anniversary! You two were meant to be together. Thank goodness for our ice skating trips to Troy where you two met.
    Love, Debbie Adams Luiz

    • We all did have fun, didn’t we. Those were the days! Bob and I haven’t skated for several years now…getting to be too hard on the ankles…LOL

  3. Congratulations ! You two, rock ! I Hope you have a fantastic weekend ! Peace and Love, J.A.M.


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