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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Riding the Business Energy Wave!

Happy Halloween to all of my friends out there in Bloggerville!  This is one of my favorite times of year with the fun and color of Halloween and everything pumpkin…pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin muffins and even a most wonderful cream liquor, Mother’s Pumpkin Spice that we discovered at Brindley’s open house!  By itself, it tastes just like a piece of liquid pumpkin pie.  Or you can give your afternoon coffee a pumpkin kick with a shot of this creamy liquor.  Simply delicious.  Another fall delight that a client shared with me is to take a can of Spanish peanuts with the red hulls on and mix in half a bag of candy corn.  Eat a hand full of this mix and you think you are eating a Babe Ruth candy bar…except easier on the teeth.  So much for the diet during the next few months!

So to finish up about the Brindley job and tell a little tale on myself, Bob and I worked hard to get all of the wine and liquor signs done before the grand re-opening.  Bob made the wine signs out of cherry plywood to match the wooden wine rack fixtures in the store.  He also cut out thin plywood bunches of grapes that I painted and then glued in place.  I then hand lettered each sign using a font that made me think of wine.  For the liquors, Bob cut out little surfboards that I base painted in Brindley’s lime green theme color and then painted a bright tropical colored stripe down the middle.  I chose a funky font and a deep sea blue for the lettering.  We made the deadline with the delivery early Friday morning.  Friday afternoon we entered the store and I looked up at a couple of our signs with the the word Bourbon on it.  They both had a red “O” on white paper taped over the “A” I had mistakenly painted…Bourban… on it.  We were in such a rush…and I am not a Bourbon drinker….that Bob and I both missed the misspelling!  I had thought about checking all of the boards to make sure I had spelled everything right, but as I am here to tell, I didn’t.  Thank goodness it is a fun place because everyone thought that it was funny…except probably for the Bourbon drinkers and me!  So friends, I will ALWAYS proofread my work from now on!  My next project for Brindley’s will be the theme park store map.  You can be sure I will check and recheck my spelling for that!

This week I took a couple of days to rest and regroup.  Bob and I were both wiped out.  Monday I had one appointment in Sarasota to look at a faux finish touch-up job for a restaurant and Thursday I am looking at another exterior commercial job with the potential of getting my painted furniture placed in their new store as well.  Tomorrow I head back to Orchid Beach to work on the sea turtle mural and discuss the canvases. Business energy is flowing and we are riding the wave!



Sea Oats and Sandcastles

I’ve put a little time and space between me and this blogging thing and I feel at peace and refreshed. For the last couple of weeks I concentrated solely on what makes me feel really, really good. Somehow I got caught up with the crowd in blogging and lost sight of the thing that makes me tick and makes us lots of money! With this fresh insight I am ready to share again.

The Brindley’s valance boards are all installed around the ceiling of the store and I’ve made all the tweaks and additions to pull everything together. Today Bob and I are working on signs to be fastened to the shelving to rise above the different types of wines. Open house is next weekend so we are under the gun to get them done. Nothing like pressure to keep those creative juices flowing!

Last week I spent several days disconnected from Brindley’s and worked in a condo up on Orchid Beach. This job was very relaxing for me.  I had the pleasure of painting where my heart lies without any constraints. The clients are away and the decorator pretty much let me do my thing.  In the foyer I painted a mural of  sea oats, beach signs, a sandcastle and seashells. The interior designer, Catherine Kerr is having a cream colored rug custom made to go with the beach theme. The rug company will carve waves and a couple of footprints into the rug for the finishing touch….how cool is that?!  The next area I painted was the guest bathroom.  The walls were so nice and smooth, unlike the textured walls I am used to here in Florida. This room is beachy also with a driftwood mirror and a mural of sea turtles and driftwood.  I took photos of the work as I always do and looking at them at home I know I need to go back to tweak the mural a little bit before I show it to the world..LOL  After that I have five canvases to do for this job. They are simple and straight forward so shouldn’t take much time to execute. Lots of fun and lots of great things happening.

Painting Paradise 2

Now that WordPress has my upgrade money I will repost my original post that I deleted thinking I would get rid of the nasty video.  I am a Christian, I have a grandson, family and friends that read my  blog.  I find it offensive that WordPress allows those kinds of videos to be attached to anyone’s blogs. That stinking video had absolutely no value to anyone as an ad. By doing this WordPress has allowed something good to be ruined with no recourse but to upgrade.  New Bloggers Beware!  It amazed me that it did not appear on my rant blog that I just posted. Did they not think a blogger would have a fit about that???  So anyway….here is my original blog….

Friday morning we delivered the first six valance boards to Brindley’s on the Island.  I’m always a little nervous just before we make a delivery especially if they’ve given me a free hand to “go crazy” like Bill did.  As the  boards were carried in one after the other, it was love at first sight. Bill, his wife, Bob and I all stood in their store surrounded by the ongoing renovations and all the painted valance boards.  I felt a tremendous rush of energy around us.  I was excited and felt as though I was actually a part of something really, really big and something really, really fun… and so did they.

To be honest, after creating the first six boards, I was feeling creatively drained and wondered if the last four big boards would be as good as the first six. With this renewed excitement, I took the weekend off and started again today.  The energy is still with me.  Ideas keep popping into my head and I keep drawing and painting. I should be able to finish the four big boards tomorrow.  After that I have about twenty 15″ x 8′ boards to complete the room.  I plan to pick one different character from each of the boards and repeat them here and there.  We’re also doing moveable pieces that can be moved around to different boards around the store for games….like find the shark’s tooth….find the lost shaker of salt….or a treasure chest with a special surprise. The picture I’ve chosen to share is a close-up of the Bubba’s Cheese Deli board.  There’s Bossy, the Bleu Cheese Cow, a friendly parrot wanting cracker’s from Brindley’s and Gertrude, the Goat perched on her mountain of goat cheese.  Check out my Brindley’s wine lizards on my Facebook page, too!  It’s just too much fun….now back to work for me so my blood pressure goes down.

WordPress Adding inappropriate video ads to get you to upgrade!

I want to apologize for the inappropriate ads that are shown at the end of my blog.  We just discovered them today with the newest post.  We feel that this is a very inappropriate ad and WordPress has made it very difficult to report it as inappropriate.  After letting you become established as a blogger they begin to put ads on your blog.  If it was an appropriate ad or one that promotes art in a good way that would be acceptable to me.  They only give you one out which is to upgrade to a paid account.  Until I find another blog spot, I will upgrade just to keep everyone from seeing this crap.  Needless to say…I AM MAD!  How many other WordPress users have had this same problem?  Please comment or repost on your blog.