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Painting Paradise 2

Now that WordPress has my upgrade money I will repost my original post that I deleted thinking I would get rid of the nasty video.  I am a Christian, I have a grandson, family and friends that read my  blog.  I find it offensive that WordPress allows those kinds of videos to be attached to anyone’s blogs. That stinking video had absolutely no value to anyone as an ad. By doing this WordPress has allowed something good to be ruined with no recourse but to upgrade.  New Bloggers Beware!  It amazed me that it did not appear on my rant blog that I just posted. Did they not think a blogger would have a fit about that???  So anyway….here is my original blog….

Friday morning we delivered the first six valance boards to Brindley’s on the Island.  I’m always a little nervous just before we make a delivery especially if they’ve given me a free hand to “go crazy” like Bill did.  As the  boards were carried in one after the other, it was love at first sight. Bill, his wife, Bob and I all stood in their store surrounded by the ongoing renovations and all the painted valance boards.  I felt a tremendous rush of energy around us.  I was excited and felt as though I was actually a part of something really, really big and something really, really fun… and so did they.

To be honest, after creating the first six boards, I was feeling creatively drained and wondered if the last four big boards would be as good as the first six. With this renewed excitement, I took the weekend off and started again today.  The energy is still with me.  Ideas keep popping into my head and I keep drawing and painting. I should be able to finish the four big boards tomorrow.  After that I have about twenty 15″ x 8′ boards to complete the room.  I plan to pick one different character from each of the boards and repeat them here and there.  We’re also doing moveable pieces that can be moved around to different boards around the store for games….like find the shark’s tooth….find the lost shaker of salt….or a treasure chest with a special surprise. The picture I’ve chosen to share is a close-up of the Bubba’s Cheese Deli board.  There’s Bossy, the Bleu Cheese Cow, a friendly parrot wanting cracker’s from Brindley’s and Gertrude, the Goat perched on her mountain of goat cheese.  Check out my Brindley’s wine lizards on my Facebook page, too!  It’s just too much fun….now back to work for me so my blood pressure goes down.

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I am an artist, author, instructor, laser pattern designer and blogger living among the trees in Jefferson, Georgia!

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  1. I’m sorry to hear of your bad experience with WordPress adding inappropriate videos to your blog, how low class. I always thought they were a high quality site, I guess I was wrong.

    • I am really disappointed with WordPress, too. I had just decided to upgrade to have my Jane Crick Painting in Paradise name and then they did this. They have such a good blogging set up but they hold you hostage by allowing ugly ads to be placed at the bottom of your posts. Hopefully not too many people saw them before I got rid of them.


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