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Where the Wild Fern Grows

Today I was meandering around our yard pulling weeds and picking up sticks after last night’s torrential rain.  I came upon this lovely little fern growing under the Butterfly Bush surrounded by moss…lush, beautiful moss.


Bob and I have decided after spending several hundred dollars on grass seed over the last three years that grass is over rated.  In the spring of our first year living here, we spent tons of money, planted grass seed and had a beautiful grassy park in our backyard.  Every spring day, we marveled over the beauty of it.  Then the leaves came out on the Oak and Hickory trees and by mid summer we were left with only spindly, wispy grass that simply wanted to lay down and die.

Instead of fighting nature by cutting down all of the trees, which the trees were why we moved here in the first place, we’ve done a lot of reading and searching the internet for alternatives to that high maintenance green lawn we expected to have. The only thing we have found that could possibly give us green is moss.  We are encouraging its growth by keeping the yard as clean of debris as possible.  Bob swept the yard with his leaf collector and to our amazement, the moss is growing. Large patches are showing up and the added delight are the little ferns that seem to go hand in hand with the moss.  They grow in the most inhospitable areas absolutely loving cement and stones. One little mound of moss in my flower garden has wrapped itself around three crystals and either pushed them up from the ground or there is a bigger rock under the moss.  We are not disturbing it to see as we don’t want to ruin it.20200327_105857.jpgThe moral to my story is to trust God, have patience and live with nature instead of struggling against it.  I will let you all know how things go this summer. – April 4, 2020

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I am an artist, author, instructor, laser pattern designer and blogger living among the trees in Jefferson, Georgia!

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  1. It’s lovely to read about your adventures in nature!

  2. Hi Peggy! It is so good to hear from you! Bob and I are both healthy and happy on our acre here in Georgia. I do think a lot about the good times we all had in class and I miss you all! Glad your projects got good homes. We gave our circus chest to a little girl here in Georgia as we had no room for it. She adores it…lol. I hope to be painting again this year but we shall see. Most of my painting has been with a much bigger brush! Wishing you the best! Jane

  3. Peggy McCarthy

    I will never forget all those wonderful lesson you gave and the animals etc. that I painted. Then, there was the circus chest…each grandson got one. I know the boy in Florida still has his in his room but I’m not sure about the one in Boston! When I downsized to Senior Housing my son wanted the chests, parrots, monkeys etc. and I still get to see them. Thank you for the many enjoyable hours that your lessons provided. Gail Fusco and I talk about those days often. I hope you stay well and safe and I bet you will soon be painting that beautiful moss and ferns. Peggy McCarthy


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