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Catalog of Illustrated Books

“A Journey Remembered” written by Paula Counce and illustrated by Jane Crick is a delightful 135 page, hardbound book.  Inside you will find a collection of six short stories about the life and times of two charming little dogs named Thelma and Louise. Join the adventures in the woods where the blue tailed lizards live and learn how they deal with a neighborhood bully. Share the experience when one of nature’s most extreme forces gets a little too close for comfort and feel the terror as a phantom menace is determined to create a night of Halloween horror. This book is a delight for children, parents, grandparents and dog lovers. “A Journey Remembered” – $19.95

“Krazy Kritters of Florida written by Russ Heitz and illustrated by Jane Crick is a fun book all about Florida wildlife. This 87 page, softbound book features 11 of Florida’s indigenous species from the amazing little Burrowing Owl to the fierce American Crocodile.  This is a book for all ages filled with interesting and amusing little known facts about some of Florida’s most unique and precious treasures. ”

“Krazy Kritters of Florida” -$12.95

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