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Living the Dream….

Work is such a joy!  Bob and I spent the first of this week at the beach working in a quaint little condo on Manasota Key.  Bob hung fans and did some carpentry work Chest and Delft Tilewhile I tweaked a cabinet to go with the decor and touched up the dining room Delft tiles that had been chipped from years of use .  The sound of the ocean waves lapping at the shore as I worked bathed me and I have felt rested and happy for the rest of this week!

God has certainly blessed me throughout my life.  Years ago in Oklahoma I told Bob that I would be happy with a cardboard box on the beach.  Not long afterwards he came home from work with a cardboard refrigerator box and said…”We’re ready to go to Florida!”  We made that move eighteen years ago and have never regretted it.  If you can dream it, it shall come to pass….from the lady with a hibiscus behind her ear and sand between her toes!









From Grains of Sand True Art Shall Be…..

Cool temperatures and sunny days welcomed 70,000 people including our Florida family and twenty-five master sand sculptors to Siesta Key for the 3rd annual Crystal Classic Master Sand Sculpture Competition.  Working in teams of two, each team sculpted magnificent works of art using water, the perfect kind of sand, trowels, rakes, straws and minimal kinds of carving tools that fit the team’s needs.  My family and I were delighted and amazed at the intricacy and detail these sculptors could coax out of simple sand with simple tools.

First place in the competition went to our family favorite, “Fossil Fueled” sculpted by Delayne Corbett and Craig Mutch.  My second personal favorite was “The Eating Machine,” by Rusty Croft and Chris Guinto.  I especially love the steampunk effects on the dragonfly and some of the bones of the dinosaur.  Once I got home and looked at the photos I took, I was equally impressed by a much smaller but very unique and intricate sculpture I had overlooked because of the enormity of the other sculptures. A giant hand holding a pocket watch with the cogs and wheels artistically revealed pushed the limits of sand hanging together in mid air. Cool, guys…very, very cool!

To read more about this event and view great pictures of all the sculptures and the artists, visit the Siesta Key Crystal Classic Facebook page.

Painting Paradise

Yes, I’ve been very quiet on WordPress and Facebook.  I’ve been really, really busy painting paradise these last couple of weeks.  The owner of Brindley’s on the Island loved the sample valance board so much that he asked to keep it…which I let him.  Then he told me to go crazy with fun accessories for the boards.  That could be a dangerous proposition telling an artist to go crazy, but it has been such fun.  I’ve kept Brindley’s basic logo style and color scheme going but I am adding the “Crick” touch to it.  Some of the critters are realistic and other’s are more animated doing funny things like lizards wrapping themselves around wine bottles and a goat standing on a pile of cheese.  I should get six of the boards completely done today and then Bob will spray a finish on them.  We’ll take them to Bill at Brindley’s and see what he thinks.  Keep you posted!

The Peril of Living in Paradise

We’ve returned from the grocery and checking houses before Hurricane Isaac comes to town!  Bob is preparing the blender now for our hurricane party libations.  I’m sure the rest of the world shakes their heads in dismay that we coastal states make a party out of a hurricane.  But you have to live here to understand.  Hurricane days in Florida are much like snow days up north. People stock up on supplies, schools and businesses close and then everyone left in town hunkers down for the storm. The TV weather forecaster works you up for about two weeks giving blow-by-blow movement of the storm and every day he warns you to get ready with all your supplies.  The first summer we were here there were 18 threats of hurricanes.  We wondered if we had made a huge mistake moving here.  But after a few summers of the “little boy who cried wolf,” we came to realize we didn’t need to worry quite that much.  That’s not to say we aren’t prepared today with water, canned goods and a non-electric can opener, but we are relaxed about it and going on with life.  It’s one of the perils of living in Paradise!

Our home is about a mile and a half from the Gulf of Mexico as the crow flies and for the past 17 years we’ve never really had a close call except for Hurricane Charlie. Charlie worried us because Venice was supposed to be a direct hit.  Instead the warmer waters of Charlotte Harbor sucked it in and the hurricane tracked to the northeast through the middle of the state and up through Orlando where people had been advised to flee to.  It just goes to show you, no one can predict exactly what the storm will do.  Our son, Jeremy and our daughter-in-law, Sarah, lived in New Orleans when Katrina hit.  Bob and I had a real bad feeling about that storm and we told them they had better get out.  They didn’t leave until her parents insisted, so the kids ended up getting caught in the grueling exodus away from the city.  In a day and a half they only managed to put 50 miles between them and the city.  Fortunately they found a hotel with 2 rooms left…one with a leak in the ceiling and the other which became theirs.  They stayed there through the storm and the next day and then drove east and south to Venice.  The good Lord was looking out for them as the roads were clear enough to get through and they found gas all the way.  After that Bob and I decided unless it was the hurricane of the century heading straight our way, we would prepare but stay put and avoid the hurricane gridlock.  We will live in God’s hands.

So Key West has battened down the hatches and Hurricane Parties abound.  With that thought in mind I am compelled to start the first canvas of my Key West collection.  I love the feel of the quaint yet quirky island. Funky art is the name of the game and I intend to play!