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Sometimes You Need an Adventure….

Wow!  As I look back at my last blog post, it was 2013!  Time flies and how life changes.  Bob and I are still video gaming…Destiny is our latest game of choice.  In the time between 2013 and today though, we “arted” on walls, furniture and more, retired and found retirement to be boring so we bought a laser to art some more.  Bob expressed his artsy side with funky fish and bugs made of wood and copper.  We adventured through the Steampunk theme dressing the part and doing art/craft shows at the Steampunk Industrial Show with  Renninger’s Flea Market in Mt. Dora, Florida and the Shark’s Tooth Festival in Venice, Florida.

DSCN2622Well, the weather got hotter, the traffic totally maddening, the hurricanes too close for comfort and being a farm girl at heart, the last straw was when they built condos on the last grassy pasture at the edge of Venice. That made me very, very sad.

Last year we attended DragonCon in Atlanta with our wonderful friend, Susan Klaus and experienced cool evening breezes in September.  What a welcome relief from those every day mid 90 degree Florida temperatures with humidity so thick sweat ran down your spine and soaked your clothes just walking outside. Driving back from Atlanta we were welcomed by Hurricane Irma that left us without electricity for a week, luckily with no damage to our home.  Bob and I decided it was time to move. We weren’t getting any younger and in 22 years in paradise twice we have had close calls with the hurricanes.  I felt the urging presence that third time’s the charm.

Together we decided it was time to move. We wanted to stay just below the Snowbelt and  with less Florida humidity  Considering what we experienced during our Atlanta visit, we began searching the internet for the perfect spot to move.  Georgia prices were unbelievably affordable compared to Florida.  We could actually afford acreage and not break the bank.  The week before Thanksgiving, we traveled to Georgia, looked at houses, bought a house and by the end of the year packed up our belongings and moved to the foothills of Jefferson, Georgia.

“Georgia?” people, including family, would ask…”why would you move to Georgia.”  Well, let me tell you it was an awesome move. We have seasons once again with little to no snowfall.  We laugh when there is a threat of snow and everything, I do mean EVERY-THING, in the state closes down…and then it doesn’t snow.  Halloween pumpkins don’t rot in one day.  We have lightning bugs in the summer and deer in the front yard. Our home sits on a little over an acre of wooded land providing us with a daily dose of colorful birds.  Gold Finches, Cardinals, Bluebirds, Baltimore Orioles, Grosbeaks and our favorite couple, the Carolina Wrens make up our natural aviary!  We put up feeders and suet and then laughed until we cried at the antics of the squirrels trying to outwit the Slinkys we put on the poles, which is fodder for another post.

Unbeknownst to us upon purchase, our beautiful home was a fixer-upper.  I could list all of the things that we have done, but it could fill a book on its own. We cried over replacing the furnace and roof but we have had so much fun turning this little neglected kingdom into our personal sanctuary that the move became a God given blessing.

The most surprising thing about this move was that our life finally became about “the two of us.” We needed an adventure and this is exactly what it became. We love our family and all of our dear, dear friends we left behind in Florida.  We miss them.  But working through all of the trials, creating our personal space and making this home what it was intended to be has brought Bob and I closer together than ever before.  It is a gift from God that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

The Art of a Good Marriage….

Today’s our special celebration of life, love and family!  Bob and I are celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary.  Forty years…it sounds like such a long time but it doesn’t feel nearly that long.  Guess that is a testament to a good time, huh?   We’ve laughed and cried, had beautiful children and been blessed with beautiful grandchildren…we’ve had adventures and disasters and managed to always come out with smiles on our faces and hearts full of love for each other.  Besides loving each other we are committed to each other.  That for us is the art of marriage.  Commitment has helped us grow through the hard times and made our hearts sing through the good times.

Today in my Inbox I received this beautiful e-mail from my husband.  I told him he should start blogging because it brought tears to my eyes.  He said it took him three hours to write it so he’d leave the blogging to me…LOL  So I am sharing his words with you now….

September 2,2012 marks 40 years of our commitment together. Through these years we have gone from thinking we found someone to hangout with, to party with, to spend quiet time with, to share our excitement with, to share our sorrows with, to share our thoughts on everything, to dream about tomorrow, to love.
 Now we know it is true, there could be no one better to hang with, the party has never ended even in the low times, we sit quietly thinking and realize every part of our life includes us both together, we get excited about the same things now, sorrows are few, we like all the same things and know what each other thinks or wants without saying, our dreams for tomorrow are now the same, our love for each other has grown every day and we have become one in life together.
So Jane, Lets hangout, party and continue this great adventure in life as one for another 40 years if we can !
Love,Bob :x lovestruck
PARTY ON, my husband….PARTY ON!!!