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Adventures of a Closet Video Gamer

Yes, I have to admit it.  For the last four or five years I have been and am a closet video gamer.  After a day of creative creating, these games relieve my mind.   I’ve gone to exotic lands with Nathan Drake of “Drake’s Fortune”…traveled the planets and fought battles with Star Killer in the “Star Wars: Force Unleashed” games, wreaked havoc in the Infamous games and taken

Trionna of Defiance

Trionna of Defiance

care of the Joker in “Batman: Arkham City.”  If my real work day has been a little hectic, I can take it out on the monsters who try to kill me. It is a whole lot of fun being a warrior especially one with super powers.  My newest character can do back flips, land on her feet and still put the bad guys in their place.  I’ve always wanted to be able to do back flips!

Up until this summer, Bob has gamed with me a little.  He Motor Stormed with me for a few months racing around Australian Badlands in wild and crazy racing cars.  We also raced fancy cars in the ProLogue game and Paradise City.  But as all video games go…they lost their luster.  So, this year,  Bob would go to his “Man Cave” and watch Syfy while I played video games.

This past year a new type of video game was launched along with a television show on the Syfy channel.  Being a Syfy junkie, Bob loves “Defiance” and was interested in the game and encouraged me to buy into it.  I was apprehensive about playing an MMO (which means Massive Multiplayer Online game).  The name itself is intimidating to me.  I had been playing single player games all this time and the thought of being the player that occasionally shoots her own foot and ending  up the laughing-stock, I wasn’t so sure playing with strangers was a good idea. But, in the middle of summer,  we found the game at GameStop for $18.95 (down from $59.95).  Bob convinced me to give it a try, so we bought it.

I set up my character and played for a few days.  It was such fun….. and I was a really, really good shooter, thanks to Drake’s Fortune’s point and shoot practice.  The other players were so nice and I was invited to join a clan and a group.  Other players healed me when I got shot and it turned out to be a great community.

In the meantime, Bob loved watching the action and figuring out how to increase your weapons, your health, how to get a vehicle and all of the intricacies of the game.  I convinced him that he should join in the fun.  Back to the store for another game and gaming system and we were in business together

Dartaan of Defiance

Dartaan of Defiance

Since then, what fun we’ve had.  We’ve laughed at each other’s antics until we cried.  I turned my character around one time and Bob’s character was ablaze.  He had accidentally blown himself up with his own pyro grenade.  Together we feel elation when we team up to defeat some of the biggest, baddest characters of the game.  It would be so cool if we could actually high-five each other!  We fight alongside and interact with other warrior friends and everyone is having a great time. It’s not real life, but it is a very rewarding experience.  A lot of people bash video games but if they are very well written and executed, they inspire you to do and be a better person.  Our kudos go to “Defiance!”